Tea for weight loss: instructions for use

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Does tea really help to lose weight?

What are its benefits on our body?

“Drinking tea makes you lose weight”

This is what some nutritionists and fitness models claim.

That said, you have doubts:

“If it really worked out, my work colleague addicted to tea would not have all those pounds to lose”

“I often drink tea in the week, I did not notice anything on my body”

I do not make you say it!

Seen like that, it’s true that tea is not miraculous …

And yet tea really has the potential to surprise you.

Tea has been much talked about in recent years . 
It gives it a lot of beneficial properties for health and for the line .

Whether you are an occasional tea drinker or your only motivation is  weight loss , the following should interest you …

Let’s start with the beginning :

What is tea?

tea to lose weight quickly

Tea is an aromatic drink prepared by infusion of dried leaves of tea tree, a kind of shrub native to the Far East.

There are several types of tea, including green tea and the famous British black tea .

The difference between each type of tea is only a story of fermentation and oxidation. 
This will have the effect of modifying the content of certain active molecules of tea.

But do not go into complex and boring details. 
And back to the main subject:

Why does tea lose weight?

To answer this question, we will look at 2 active ingredients (out of 500) contained in tea:

1) Epigallocatechin gallate (or EGCG for intimates):

It is a catechin among the large family of catechins (knowing that some catechins have the same effect as the EGCG in more soft).

Simply put, these are antioxidant molecules that play a role in the prevention of cardiovascular disease, diabetes and osteoporosis .

2) Theine

It is actually the same molecule as caffeine , except that it is found in tea.

tea to lose belly

Coffee is by far one of the star products when it comes to melting fat .

Its effectiveness is more to demonstrate vis-à-vis the weight loss (increase of metabolism, appetite suppressant effect, etc …)

Theine content varies depending on the type of tea, its quality and method of preparation.

Well, now that you know the active ingredients of tea, let’s get down to business:

How does tea make you lose weight?

To answer this question, we need to look at the results of some studies and draw conclusions.

• The first study to which we will be interested was conducted on 2 groups of individuals : 
one consuming green tea and the other a placebo .

Scientists conducting this study looked at one indicator: the respiratory quotient. 
The RQ is an indicator of the oxidation of macronutrients.

If you want to deepen your knowledge, here is a little summary:

The transformation of the energy contained in the macronutrients into another energy usable by the body, ATP, passes through oxidative reactions that will consume oxygen and produce carbon dioxide.

Respiratory quotient is the ratio of the quantity of carbon dioxide produced by the total oxidation of a substrate (carbohydrate, lipid, protein) (VCO2) to the quantity of oxygen necessary for this complete oxidation (VO2).

The RQ is 1 for carbohydrates and 0.7 for lipids.

green tea to lose weight

It turns out that the group consuming green tea had a lower RQ than the group consuming the placebo.

The scientists deduced that the consumption of green tea would increase the oxidation of lipids, in this case fats .

Of course, there are a lot of parameters taken into account (ethnicity, dose, concentration of the active compound in the tea, etc …) which slightly varies the results.

However, the end result is the same: tea promotes the oxidation of fats .

• A second study was conducted to prove the correlation between EGCG consumption and increased production of HGH growth hormone .

What is HGH?

tea for weight loss

It is simply the holy grail of bodybuilders and high-level fitness models. 
You know … the mountains of muscles without a fart of fats.

HGH is responsible for increased muscle growth, but that’s not all:

A surplus of HGH would allow you to lower your body fat . 
I guess you start to measure the importance of this hormone …

It turns out that there is a correlation between the EGCG contained in tea and the production of HGH .

For this, scientists have conducted tests on two groups of individuals.

Both groups of people were on a restrictive diet in calories for 90 days. 
Except that one of the groups consumed in addition to green tea rich in EGCG while the other a placebo.

It turns out that the group consuming tea has increased production of HGH by 320% compared to 20% of the group taking the placebo .

In the end group 1 lost about three times more weight than group 2.

The only problem in this study is that this increase is from a certain threshold. 
And this threshold is a little towards the end the period of 90 days.

So, it would be appropriate to regularly consume green tea for a long enough period to start having results .

Now that the importance of tea is more to prove with respect to weight loss, 
let’s look at the following question:

How and when to consume tea to lose weight?

You can eat it any way you like, at any time of the day.

However, you must know that to enjoy EGCG tea, there is a reference temperature to respect.

drink tea to lose weight

The tea should be brewed at 90 ° C for 80 minutes to maximize extraction.

Apart from being unemployed or very patient, 80 minutes seem impossible to meet.

This is why scientists have indicated that 20 minutes are enough for the majority of EGCGs to be extracted .

You can consume tea at any time of the day.

I recommend you drink 4 to 5 cups of tea a day . 
Be careful only if you are sensitive enough to caffeine.

Note that tea could cause you some sleep disturbances if eaten quite late.

If you drink regularly, tea is a drink that can bring you a lot.

So invest in good tea and tea thermos enough “swag” to flambé: p.

Black tea or green tea?

Both types of tea are effective for weight loss .

Some people will tell you that green tea is more effective, others will tell you to prefer black tea. 
In short, the opinions diverge.

So do not take the lead: the ideal is to vary .

does tea make you lose weight

Black tea usually contains more caffeine, so prefer to place it in the first part of the day. 
And book green tea for the second part of the day, so you can fall asleep.

And if you can not stand tea without sugar, do as I do: add some Stevia or a hint of honey. 
You know what to drink during aperitifs and especially how to justify it 😉


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