Sports for weight loss: Top 25 sports that make you lose weight


Are you looking for a sport to lose weight quickly ?

Wondering what is the best sport to lose weight?

That it is a sport to lose thighs , a sport to lose hips , belly, arms …?

What follows should interest you …

Maybe by the time you read these lines you have some extra pounds, which you would like to lose …

And therefore you have decided to take action, opting for a sport practice that allows you to lose pounds effectively …

You are not the only person to be in this situation. 
I have also long been interested in the most effective sports to lose weight.

At the time when I had fat in excess, I was very interested in all the sports that can lose weight quickly and well:

I decided to follow an intense dry program. 
And in parallel, I was interested in all these sports that can lose weight quickly and well.

Today, I am going to share with you the fruit of my research and my various experiences …

Here are 25 effective sports to lose weight and tone your body :

1. Cross-country skiing (about 1000 kcal per hour)

sport to slim thighs

Cross-country skiing …

What better way to admire the beauty of the mountain and the snowy plains while refining and sculpting its silhouette!

Cross-country skiing is one of the sports that makes you lose weight .

But of course, this is not a sport that can be practiced every day at any time …

It is necessary to have cross-country ski trails, snow, equipment …

Those who live in the Sancy massif or in the Jura are little lucky ones.

2. Squash (about 820 kcal per hour)

squash program sport to lose weight

Squash, does it tell you something?

You know, this racket sport that is played indoors, facing a wall …

For having practiced several weekend with friends, I can assure you that squash is a sport that makes you sweat!

We are constantly moving to hit the ball.

No need to explain to you why it’s a sport that makes you lose weight quickly 😉

3. Running (about 800 kcal per hour)

effective sport to lose weight

Well, no need to draw a picture.

Running is unquestionably one of the most effective sports to lose weight quickly and efficiently .

However, pay attention to the joints(those of the knees).

Tip: Running on a treadmill at the gym is softer for your joints.

Pro Tip : Tilt the mat so that it runs uphill (uphill). Your joints will be spared and you will burn fat even faster.

4. The elliptical bike (about 800 kcal per hour)

sport to slim thighs quickly

The famous elliptical trainer …

The one found ineluctably in all fitness rooms.

And it’s not for nothing …

The elliptical trainer, at a steady pace, allows you to burn as many calories as you can while tightening most parts of your body.

5. The skipping rope (about 715 kcal per hour)

exercises to lose weight

It reminds you of something …

In kindergarten and elementary school …

The famous jump rope that was played with friends-girlfriends.

To jump alone or to several.

In short, the fact is that jumping rope is an effective sport to lose weight and beautify your line .

It is a sport that works all the muscles of your body: calves, legs, thighs, abdo, arms …

6. The stepper (about 700 kcal per hour)

effective sport stepper to lose weight

The stepper ? But what is it ?

In stepper, there is step.

And remember your English classes …

Step means walk.

The stepper is a device that simulates a climb of stairs .

Which is ultra effective for losing weight quickly .

I could have list in this top 25 sport Climb stairs. But we have the equivalent here.

The stepper allows you to strengthen the muscles of your thighs. 
But also to strengthen your heart.

The pro’s advice : keep your back and pelvis straight while pressing hard on one foot and then the other.

7. Climbing (about 700 kcal per hour)

climbing sport to lose weight quickly

Like the stepper, climbing allows you to lose weight effectively.

But as a bonus by working all your muscles, from the arms to the legs.

Be careful though to respect the safety instructions, it would be a pity to hurt you …

8. Rowing (about 700 kcal per hour)

Which sport for losing weight

Like running, rowing is an endurance sport that will allow you to burn a significant number of calories .

This water sport solicits almost all the muscles and allows you to evolve in full nature.

Ideal to breathe the fresh air of the river or the banks of the river.

It is also excellent for the back, so if you tend to have back problems, go for it!

9. Rugby (about 690 kcal per hour)

play sports to lose weight

More and more girls are playing rugby …

… which practiced in an amateur way is a sport that can make you lose weight.

Rugby training combines many more basic practices that are mostly very effective for weight loss: running, stretching, not hunted, etc …

But in this sport, as in most team sports, it is the matches that are most beneficial to your quest for weight loss.

10. Boxing (about 650 kcal per hour)

boxing is a sport to lose weight

For practicing it, boxing (boxing, boxing, boxing, Thai boxing …) is a complete sport that solicits most muscles of the body .

Workouts are intensive and the entire first part of the course is often very exhausting.

The physical fitness to tackle a boxing match is crucial and can often be decisive for holding the entire match, hence the intensity of training.

Stretches are also at the rendezvous, what you relax 😉

11. Cycling (about 600 kcal per hour)

sport bike lose weight fast

To have practiced for several years, this sport has allowed me to lose weight and refine considerably , and especially taking a pleasure.

Organize a bike ride in the forest or on country roads, it’s great to oxygenate the brain!

Especially during the beautiful days of summer and spring.

Note that this is not a complete sport, since it only works the leg muscles.

But it is an effective and pleasant sport that allows you to lose weight while admiring the landscape.

12. The rower (about 600 kcal per hour)

rower lose weight

The rower is ideal for burning calories and strengthening the entire body .

It is the most complete cardio-training device :

It makes you work 80% of the muscles in your body.

And you can build a harmonious silhouette in an efficient way.

13. Football (about 600 kcal per hour)

foot sport to slim down legs

Practiced regularly, football is a sport that will allow you to lose weight.

Unless you are a goalkeeper, every game and training will result in a significant amount of energy.

And you will burn a maximum of calories.

A more refined silhouette will be at the rendezvous.

14. Wrestling (about 600 kcal per hour)

Physical culture

Wrestling is a combat sport that consists of knocking down the opponent.

It is believed to be reserved for men, but some women engage in this sport with great pleasure.

During his practice, a large part of the muscles of the body are solicited.

It is therefore a pretty complete sport that will guarantee you to work many essential parts of your body.

15. Aerobics (about 550 kcal per hour)

what sport to slim down

Also known as rhythmic gymnastics …

… aerobics is an excellent sport to lose weight .

Mostly solicited legs and hips.

The abdominal belt is also reinforced.

16. Volleyball (about 550 kcal per hour)

volleyball sport to lose weight hips

Volleyball is a sport that solicits all muscles.

Note the squat positions preceding the jumps, ideal for toning the tibial muscles and glutes .

And beach volleyball ?

Summer, at the beach, on warm sand …

This facet of this sport is fun and fun to practice with your friends or new acquaintances on vacation.

No sportswear is necessary! 
A swimsuit and presto, we’re ready 😉

17. Tennis (about 550 kcal per hour)

sport lose weight slimming sport

Tennis is definitely a sport that will allow you to lose weight.

To convince yourself, just watch the tennis players.

They are often fine.

And their body is toned.

Tennis helps to find the line, by working the legs, buttocks, abdomen, back, and of course the arms .

18. The step (about 500 kcal per hour)

exercises to slim down

Not to be confused with the steppeur (even if it solicits the same muscles), the step is an exercise that is practiced using a removable step.

It is a very popular sport that is practiced in most gyms , under a background of rhythmic music and usually with a sports coach.

You perform a kind of choreography by chaining steps on your step.

This sport practice muscle especially the legs, but also makes work the arms, these having to be coordinated with each of the movements.

The advice of the pro : wear suitable shoes and be attentive to your movements.

19. Swimming (about 480 kcal per hour)

sport swimming to slim down the belly

Swimming is great for keeping the line .

If you do it regularly, at least two hours a week (unless you combine swimming with another sport).

Swimming solicits all the muscles of the body and is not harmful to the joints (as can be for example running, for the knees).

Swimming allows you to empty and expend energy to burn fat and increase muscle mass.

20. Bodybuilding (about 450 kcal per hour)

to have a beautiful curve

Bodybuilding , like all other sports, allows (in addition to gaining muscle mass) to burn fat .

Note that the number of kilocalories burned per hour is very variable:

It depends a lot on your goals and how you train.

Bodybuilding is the sport of choice for you to carve beautiful shapes.

21. Alpine skiing (about 450 kcal per hour)

downhill skiing to have a nice line

The alpine ski mainly solicits the leg muscles (which has never felt a quadriceps muscle aches the day after a long day of skiing?).

But it also helps to work the glutes, abdominals and back muscles.

The only drawback: this sport can not be practiced all year, and it is not safe (wear a helmet).

In the same way, snowboarding is also very effective for losing weight and toning your muscles .

22. Basketball (about 400 kcal per hour)

basketball woman

Basketball is a particularly energy-consuming sport.

Especially in a match, where we constantly go back and forth between the opposing basket to attack, and our basket to defend.

The leg muscles are particularly stressed:

On the move, but also by the flexed position in which one is often to defend or to dribble.

23. The dance (about 300 kcal per hour)

salsa dance

Dance is a sport that combines business with pleasure.

Here, I’m talking about fast dancing .

No slow dance.

(You can well imagine that we are talking about a dance that causes a certain amount of energy).

Among the most popular dances are salsa, African dance, classical dance, oriental dance and tap dance.

24. Water aerobics (about 300 kcal per hour)

what sport to lose weight of the belly

Aquatic gymnastics is effective for losing weight and shaping your body .

Thanks to a massaging effect, it helps to eliminate cellulite in a fun and easy way.

You can increase the difficulty by weighting yourself with weights.

25. Walking (about 260 kcal per hour)

well shapely with sports walking

Walking allows you to burn fat without hurting your joints (as is the case with running).

It is recommended for people who are not used to playing sports.

Because it allows to start smoothly, without the heart rate racing.

Just think of having good shoes and a jog (because here we do not talk about slow walking, but really active).

1 kilogram of fat = 8000 kcal

Sounds huge? 
I also thought it was huge the first time I came across this number.

Why do I take care to specify that a kilo of fat represents 8000 kcal?

Simply to emphasize the fact that playing sports is not enough to lose weight quickly and well . 
Unless you work several hours a day every day .

To slim down quickly and well, the must is to combine one or more sports practices with an appropriate diet .

Reducing the number of calories you eat daily will allow you to lose weight faster.


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