Lose weight effectively: 5 mistakes that prevent optimal progression

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” How to lose weight quickly ? “

“Why, I can not lose weight? “

“I have been on a diet for 2 months, but I do not see any results …”

“How to take muscle? I feel like I’m stagnating … “

By analyzing all the emails that our subscribers send us, we realized that the same questions came back without stopping.

And in these same mails, we realized that some nonsense was very recurrent.

That’s why I have prepared a little article to “repeal” once and for all all these myths that prevent you from progressing!

Do not worry, if you make some of the mistakes listed below, this is by no means very serious.

I myself had false beliefs deeply rooted in my head. I have happily caught up since.

The essential thing is to be aware of it and to change it.

Starting with number 1 of the top 5:

1) “To lose weight, eat” clean “or healthy”

Often, when a person wants to lose weight, it is advised to eat healthy foods.

As a result, the person in question begins to believe that these healthy foods make you lose weight.

This is not the case: what makes you lose weight is the calorie deficit.


You can lose weight by eating mars and twix every day (as long as it fits in your macros).

You will lose weight, but your visual will suffer , so I do not advise you to do it.

Eating healthy allows you to have a good margin to fill your stomach with food that will provide you with satiety without being in excess of calories.

Eating healthy also helps preserve your muscles and your health during calorie deficit.

Now, let’s do the opposite reasoning.

If you eat healthy but a lot (to the point of being in excess), you will get fat.

I hope you have understood that healthy food does not have a direct impact on weight loss or weight gain, but that it plays a role in the ease with which you are going to follow your diet and your vitality. .

2) Begin a weight loss at the feeling

We receive a lot of messages like:

”  I just started dieting, I stopped eating junk food, I eat rice, vegetables and meat or eggs. Yet I do not lose weight, please help me  »

Let’s analyze this message a bit:


First of all, we can only congratulate the person who has managed to change his eating habits.

It’s a great start, and I can even say that the hard part is done.

Still, this is clearly not enough to lose weight.

Why then ?

We come back again and again to error number 1, the calorie deficit is not respected.

For example, you will eat healthy but you will eat at your hunger.

You do not know how many calories you have consumed.

If you eat until there is no more room in your stomach, it is very likely that your weight does not move, even when eating well.

The same reasoning can be used for weight gain.

If you do not count your calories to know where you are, the equation of the energy balance will escape you very long.

If you find that it’s “relou” to count the calories, I invite you to take a walk around here, this is the solution to this problem:

You must master your calories, unless you have a lot of experience in the field.

3) Underestimating daily consumption

Unfortunately, none of us are immune to this error.

Unless you are unsociable or marginal, you will all be brought to eat in a canteen restaurant or to buy ready meals or to eat in a normal restaurant.

In these cases, if you try not to commit error number 2, you are supposed to count your calories.

Except that you can not … Unless you assume to walk with a small kitchen scale in your bag, the question does not even arise.

But if you are a normal person, you will have to estimate your quantities to calculate your calories .

Be aware that estimates with the naked eye are often biased, you will always feel to eat less than you really eat.

Take the example of a catered meal that is sold as 100 grams of food.

It is in this kind of situations that one realizes that one eats always more than one believes since the addition climbs visibly.

Now suppose that you are good at playing the “right weight” and that you are able to estimate the quantities.


You should know that restaurants and canteens use foods that make the food delicious, namely oil, butter and salt.

Typically, all you need to avoid if you want to lower your calorie count.

You have no choice but to turn to prepared dishes and read the labels of macro-nutrients …

That’s probably what you were thinking, was not it?

Well you must know that depending on the country where you live, distributors or manufacturers have a tolerance margin on their calorie estimates.

So you should not rely 100% on a label, the error could be in the order of 15%, that is to say that for every 1000 calories, you have 150 calories hidden.

Underestimating your daily intake is one of the number one causes that keeps people from losing weight, so beware of these hidden calories.

4) Abuse cheat meal:

Cheat meal is a meal where you can let go to recharge your batteries and boost your metabolism.

At least, that’s what the common man thinks.

You will even hear some people practice the “cheat weekend” story to be motivated to re-attack the regime on Monday … like what, bullshit has no limit.

Let it be clear: cheat meal takes you away from your dream body, but if you use it wisely, you can make a lot of money out of it.

This subject having already been treated, I refer you to the following article:


So, is the cheat meal really essential?

The answer is no, you do not need cheat meal to lose weight if your will is iron.

If you feel your will weaken, do not hesitate to make a cheat meal to avoid a complete cracking which may cost you a lot …

It is preferable that your excess caloric does not exceed 15 to 20% of your daily contributions.

If you get there, you can sleep peacefully without feeling guilty.

If this is not the case, then you have not grasped the concept of cheat meal well and it may be detrimental to your weight loss.

5) Do not eat enough protein:

Naturally, when you have a caloric deficit and you want to save on caloric intake, you tend to save where it is possible to do so.

Sometimes wrongly unfortunately … (You will quickly understand the meaning of this sentence)

If you have to “scrape” calories for your deficit, it is not by reducing your protein intake that you have to do it.

If you do not eat enough protein, either in mass or dry, you will struggle to build muscle or keep your muscle mass.

There are many types of proteins in the body, and they fulfill a wide variety of functions ranging from replication and DNA repair to the formation of tissues and other substances such as hair or nails.

The construction of “muscle proteins” requires a variety of amino acids, some of which must be obtained from foods (essential amino acids).


When you eat a food that contains protein, your body breaks down protein molecules and then uses these amino acids to build its own proteins.

I guess you’ve grasped the importance of protein in general and more so during a caloric deficit.

Not eating enough protein would mean sacrificing some of your muscles and lowering your basal metabolism.

Unfortunately, if your basal metabolic rate goes down, your daily caloric intake must also drop to offset the decline in metabolism.

As much to tell you that you will have to face the hunger.

You have no interest in not eating enough protein.

For my part, I am at 2.2 grams per pound of body weight, which is an excellent compromise between muscle preservation and calorie saving.

5 errors that prevent you from progressing optimally – the ending word:

If you can not lose weight, there must be a reason.

Fatality or other stupidity in the genre does not exist: you are the master of your destiny .

If you do not get a result:

  • Either you are not patient enough,
  • Either you make one of the errors mentioned above.

In any case, be more rigorous in your approach and you will reach your goal.


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