How to lose 10 pounds in a few weeks?


How to lose 10 pounds in a few weeks?

Which diet is effective for this weight loss  ?

Which program to follow to have result?

If you want to lose those cursed 10 kilos , then you must ask yourself these questions.

And we will give you concrete answers.

You’re probably tired of hearing this kind of reply:

”  Avoid eating too much, eating too much fat  ” 
”  Eat 5 fruits and vegetables a day  ” 
”  Avoid snacking between meals  “

Now what you want is new.

As for example: which fruits and vegetables to favor. 
Or, instead of snacking, what alternatives are available to you.

After reading this article, you will know exactly how you will lose these 10 extra pounds :

How long is it achievable?

And especially what you need to eat.

I’ve put together a nice list of foods to focus on .

Let’s go :

To lose 10 kg:


Before I begin, let me tell you something terrible …

Losing 10 pounds without changing your lifestyle or using sleight of hand is impossible .

Sorry to disappoint you, but science is still not there.

You can always hope for a burst of genius.

Or you can step out of your comfort zone to achieve your goals .

It’s up to you.

If you are always with me, it is because you have made the right choice.

I congratulate you on having arrived so far .

Now let’s tackle the main question: 
” How to lose 10 kilos?  “

lose 10 pounds in 1 month

You probably already know the answer.

I know that the word ” diet  ” and ”  cardio  ” make you cringe.

That’s why I’m going to help you see the situation differently.

Instead of saying “diet”, say rather that you are going to have a better lifestyle .

In a practical way, you are not going to deprive yourself but rather change some of your habits.

Instead of saying ”  cardio  “, let’s say that you will do physical activity of your preference and optimize it to lose calories.

I remind you that the goal of a ”  diet  ” is to lose fat and keep your muscle mass .

How long :

lose 10 pounds in 1 week

”  Ok, it’s well recorded. But how long will we lose those 10 kilos?  “

Instead of giving you a figure from nowhere that is not valid for all situations, I will explain the reasoning.

You must know one important thing:

1 kg of fat = 8000 kcal to burn (approximately)
I let you do the math for 10 kg of fat …

Now you understand why losing fat is a long term job .

Let us assume now that you are on a ”  diet  ” low calorie which makes you a deficit of 500 kcal per day .

Let’s also assume that you exercise 3 times a week and your sport consumes 500 kcal per session.

Of course, taking into account the difference in metabolism, hormonal secretion, attendance, etc … there is a margin of uncertainty on the calculation.

diet lose pounds

This duration can be slightly higher or slightly lower.

After calculation, I estimate the total duration to 12 weeks .

For me, this is the optimal time to achieve weight loss properly .

It is undeniable that if you exclusively eat green salad for 12 weeks, you will lose more than 10 kg.

But the consequences of this weight loss can be dramatic: anemia, deficiencies, stretch marks etc …

Do not be tempted by the speed of the results.

Choose security.

List of foods to focus on:

As promised, to help you change your eating habits, I chose certain foods based on their usefulness / function.

It’s up to you to make your menu according to your needs .

Energy source :

Melon  : Very sweet naturally, rich in vitamins, ideal before a sport session.

the melon to lose weight

Dates  : To consume before a session of sport which risks being quite intense. 
Very high in glucose, so do not overdo it.

how to lose 10 kg with dates

Source of good lipids:

Avocado  : Helps lower cholesterol and regulate blood sugar, avocado is essential in your diet. 
Be careful to consume only Β½ or ΒΌ. 
1 piece of avocado equals almost 300 kcal.

lawyer to lose weight fast

Almonds  : Same function, and quite caloric just like the avocado. 
Drink a handful of almonds during your snacks.

almonds to lose 10 pounds in 3 weeks

Substitute for high GI starchy foods:

Some starchy foods (like pasta or bread) have a high glycemic index. This induces a blood sugar that will eventually cause the feeling of hunger. 
For this, it is necessary to favor carbohydrates with a low glycemic index, for example:

Oatmeal  : Excellent for intestinal transit, best taken in the morning to provide all the carbohydrates your body needs.

lose 10 kg in 2 months with oatmeal

Brown rice  : Contains 2 times more fiber than white rice, besides its GI is lower than that of white rice.

effective diet to lose 10 pounds

Eliminate starchy foods:

To reduce calories from starchy foods. 
You can abuse some vegetables. 
They will fill your stomach without being very caloric as for example:

Cucumber  : 1 medium cucumber provides you about 40 kcal. Not to mention that it is rich in vitamins C, A and iron.

lose 10 pounds in 15 days with cucumber

Mushrooms  : Free of fat and very low in calories. They are an important ally to fill the void left by carbohydrates. To eat without moderation in salad. 
Especially since raw mushrooms act directly on weight loss.

I want to lose 10 kilos

Lettuce  : Lettuce is a food that takes a lot of volume on your plate for a low calorie content. To add to your mega salad πŸ˜‰

effective lettuce to slim down


One of the difficulties experienced during a diet is the feeling of hunger .

It is the main cause of a diet’s failure.

What’s worse than the hunger that gnaws your stomach …

Fortunately for us, there are several foods that give us the feeling of satiety  without being very caloric as for example:

The green apple  : Guaranteed starvation effect for a long time, not to mention the fact that an apple has only 70 kcal.

Oatmeal  : Oat flakes are low glycemic index carbohydrates, so by definition they will give you the feeling of fullness. 
But beware, you should know that 100g of flakes equals 350 kcal. 
So do not overdo it.

Almonds  : Being quite caloric and belonging to the category of lipids, Almonds will help you to overcome your hunger. 
Look at the label before you buy it because the almonds are salty and fatter than they are already.

Cottage cheese  : 0% cottage cheese contains casein, a protein with very slow assimilation. 
One of the favorite proteins of some athletes in the world of fitness / bodybuilding. 
To be consumed at bedtime, about 200g.

In conclusion  :

The list I have given you is absolutely not exhaustive. 
You can find other foods that are right for you .

You can then create the combinations you want and build your own menus. 
As long as you respect certain key points:

  • Respect the number of calories you must lose daily.
  • Do not neglect the sport because it has other advantages besides burning calories.
  • Forget carbs from 16 pm .
  • Drink 1.5 or 2 liters of water (to be taken seriously if you do not want to annihilate your efforts).
  • Once your goals are achieved, do not go back to old habits .

You now have the main ins and outs to carry out this weight loss .

Be regular and serious and I can assure you that these 10 kg will be old history .

It’s up to you.


I have prepared a second article, in which you will discover 82 ingenious recipes to lose weight while having fun .

As you can imagine, if you try to lose weight without a plan of action, you may be struggling .

And having an action plan to slim down, it already starts with having a nutritional plan.

In other words, by knowing what to eat .

Some people have understood this, but it does not mean that they manage to get results.

Because having a nutritional plan is one thing, but having a nutritional plan that is tenable over time (and that allows us to have fun on a daily basis) is another.

And right now , today you will discover a whole series of tasty recipes, which you will be able to incorporate with ease to your slimming routine .

You will be able to lose weight while enjoying life, without having to take the head to ask you constantly what to eat, and without having the impression to follow a diet.


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