Firming your skin after weight loss: explanations and method


How to firm up your skin after losing weight?

Is there a way to get rid of excess skin after a diet ?

After a weight loss , and especially if it was fast or consistent, it unfortunately happens that we are left with areas of our body with distended skin.

What is discouraging: all these efforts to get there ?! …

But, do not panic, as always, there are solutions to get out of it πŸ˜‰

And to avoid having to go through the “surgery” box.

So, how to get rid of flabby skin after dieting ?

First, we need to understand where this “excess skin” comes from

The skin is elastic .

So far, so good.

The problem is that the skin does not firm up very quickly.

And so, if you have a rapid weight loss or have lost a lot of weight (overweight or obese people), the skin can not keep up with the movement.

So we end up with an excess of skin in some places.

It is “flaccid” and it is not very beautiful … and above all it is a little discouraging, disappointing, to have made all these efforts to arrive there …

There is enough to be really frustrated to have to do more to finally be quiet with this story.

But do not worry, I’ll give you all the answers and the method to follow in this article!

The problem is not necessarily due to excess skin

Before you get to the heart of the problem, first make sure you’re on the wrong track.

Although there are many cases of “relaxed skin” after a diet, what many people take for skin is actually fat that is confused with excess skin .

A simple way to make sure: pinch the suspect area and if you can grasp more than a few millimeters of skin is that there is still fat to lose at this place.

As long as you have not lost this fat, there is no reason for the skin to firm up and resume its normal consistency on this area.

I remind you that the skin is not a simple inert surface, it is a living organ that adapts to its environment, inside and outside.

relaxed skin

As long as the fat attached to it remains, the skin will tend to hang.

If you are a woman, you should not consider an action until you have reached a minimum of 20% fat .

10% if you are a man .

It is only from these fat levels that one can really look into the problem of relaxed skin.

Before that, chances are that the pursuit of weight loss will solve the problem of this flabby skin.

On the other hand, if once you have reached this level of fat, you have thin skin, relaxed and with unsightly folds, there should be a look at this problem of excess skin (we talk about it below).

Before talking about the skin itself and ways to restore its elasticity and natural shape, it is important to address the problem of so-called “stubborn” fats.

Some fats are harder to lose than others.

This is usually called “stubborn fat”.

And we usually find them in specific areas:

  • Lower abdomen
  • The lower back (love handles)
  • Hips
  • Thighs
  • Buttocks

What many consider to be skin is often stubborn fat.

The problem is that we can not directly target this stubborn fat …

We can only lose fat globally …

However, it is possible to speed up the process with a precise method:

How do “stubborn” fats work?

To burn fat, our body must consume it .

To do this, you must have calorie intake lower than your daily needs.

Thus, the body is forced to go to these reserves to function normally.

These catecholamine molecules circulate in the blood to bind to receptors in fat cells (fat cells) triggering the mobilization of fat.

firm the skin

These cells are then used as energy, which is what we mean by “burning fat”.

There are two types of receptors in fat cells: alpha and beta.

To keep it simple, alpha receptors activate fat burning while beta prevents (or slows) fat burning.

This is the difference between “normal” fat and “stubborn” fat.

You would have understood it :

Unlike normal fat, stubborn fat has more beta receptors than alpha receptors.

Now you understand why you are losing to places faster than others.

If you have fat inside your thighs that does not go away, it’s because this fat has more beta receptors than alpha receptors.

In women, this type of fat is often located in the thighs, buttocks and hips.

In men, it is often found in the lower abdomen, hips and lower back.

How to get rid of stubborn fat?

Some people have nothing special to lose their stubborn fat.

They just have to play sports and follow a good diet.

By persisting, they end up activating recalcitrant fat cells.

Unfortunately, these people are a minority.

What we can call people lucky enough to have good genetics.

Now let’s talk about others, that is, you and me for example.

What to do ?

First of all, be aware that as long as you are not facing a plateau of weight loss, you do not need to adopt the strategy that will follow .

In general, as long as you are not close to a fat mass rate of 20-22 %% for women or 10-11% for men, you are not concerned .

You can not yet know if these fats are really stubborn or not (it cuts the values ​​for excess skin).

The solution to get rid of stubborn fat is to exercise on an empty stomach.

firm skin regime

When you are fasting, your insulin is at its minimum.

Insulin impairs lipolysis and fat oxidation.

Playing fasting (at least 6 after the last meal) speeds up the loss of fat .

And so will help you get rid of so-called stubborn fat more quickly.

Well, after this little aside, let’s go back to the main subject of this article: what to do when you have excess skin ?

Because yes, as explained above, it is possible that you really have to cope with this problem and not just stubborn fat.

Gaining muscle will help you firm up your skin

The best way to firm up this relaxed skin is to gain muscle mass.

There are two distinct layers under the skin: fat and muscle.

These two layers exert pressure against the skin, preventing it from loosening.

When you gain weight, the skin must adapt to this weight gain and must expand.

If the weight gain is too fast, the skin can not follow: so we get stretch marks.

For weight loss, it’s the same: the skin can not follow the weight loss too fast, it relaxes.

And it’s even worse when some people decide to lose weight but do not do it the right way … By starving and doing too much cardio. 
In addition to fat loss, this will cause a big loss of muscle.

And as I explained above, under the skin one finds fat and muscle.

So if you lose both at the same time, the skin will quickly struggle to follow and you may end up with relaxed skin .

So we find ourselves, with this bad method of diet, with a thinner body but lacking muscle: the so-called “skinny fat”.

So, on the contrary, if you try to strengthen your muscle mass, you will fill the space created under the skin by the loss of fat . 
In addition to giving a more athletic look and more attractive forms.

So if you have any concerns with this relaxed skin, consider including in your sports training a muscle building program .

And if you’re just starting out reading these lines, it’s the same: do not waste time and include bodybuilding or muscle building in your sports workouts.

Increase the elasticity of your skin

If your skin loses elasticity, it will be more and more difficult to regain its natural shape .

With age, it is normal for your skin to lose some elasticity.

But this problem can also affect younger people.

So, how can we stop this phenomenon ?

β€’ Stop smoking

As if there were not enough good reasons to stop  , here’s one more: it’s very bad for your skin .

According to a study  conducted by the International Association of Ecologic Dermatology, the skin of a smoking woman averages 9 years older than normal .

9 years old !

But rest assured, the study does not stop there: after 9 months without smoking, the average “rejuvenation” of the skin of women tested for the study was 13 years.

The conclusion is simple: if you want with a healthy skin and therefore more elastic, stay away from smoking .

β€’ Consume enough protein

Some studies  show that there is a direct correlation between the daily protein intake and the apparent youth of the skin. As well as his health .

A diet low in protein leads to less healthy skin.

While a high protein diet helps to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, dryness and sagging skin .

If you are on a diet and bodybuilding, consuming protein will also protect your muscle mass .

Which is also very good for keeping the skin in its natural position, as explained above.

In general, it is advisable to consume between 1g and 2g of protein per kilogram of your body(example: between 60g and 120g of protein per day if you weigh 60 kilos).

If you want an even more convincing result, consume between 1.5g and 2g.

β€’ Consume fruits and vegetables

It can not be repeated enough: fruits and vegetables are extremely important, whether you are dieting or not .

firm skin weight loss

And why ?

Because they are full of vitamins and minerals essential for our body to function optimally .

And if we look at the skin in particular, research  has shown that higher intakes of fruits and vegetables are positively correlated with a more beautiful skin and healthier (so more elastic).

So when you build your daily food intake, consider adding more fruits and vegetables.

In addition to all their benefits, it is interesting to note that green vegetables are very low calorie: they will fill your stomach and cut hunger without exploding your calorie counter πŸ˜‰

β€’ As a last resort, consider dietary supplements

It is also possible to help our body obtain all the nutrients needed to maintain healthy skin.

Some of these supplements can be found directly in the diet, but are generally present in somewhat incongruous areas (eg, hen’s feet or tails for gelatin).

This is why it is often simpler to turn to dietary supplements.

There are many products “miracles” in the trade but make no mistake, most of the time it does not work!

It is better to go back to the basics:

  • Gelatin : consuming around 250g a day improves the elasticity of the skin ( study )
  • Fish oils : to consume each day improves the elasticity of the skin, but also strengthens the immune system ( study ). Prefer oils in their natural form (triglyceride) rather than industrial, they will be better assimilated by the body ( study )
  • Collagen : preserves the youth of the skin as well as joints and bone structure

Firming your skin – The last word

firm up soft skin

Let’s summarize the most important points to consider before having to consider a surgical action:

  • Reduce to at least 20% fat (women) / 10% fat (men);
  • Gain muscle mass to fill the subcutaneous space left free by fat loss. Practice bodybuilding or muscle building;
  • Stop smoking
  • Switch to a diet richer in protein (from 1g to 2g / kg);
  • Consume more fruits and vegetables daily;
  • Use supplements whose action on the elasticity of the skin is proven (gelatin, fish oils, collagen).

By following all these tips and allowing time for your body and skin to regain its natural elasticity, you will see that you are likely to see gradually disappear your excess skin.

And this without having recourse to any surgical action, which, I remind you, is to be considered only in extreme cases!


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