Why I do not lose weight (despite sport + diet): 7 probable causes


6 am, the alarm clock rings, you get up from your optimistic and hopeful bed.

Today, you will finally weigh yourself after two long months of diet and sports.

You arrive at the scales as if it were the day of the last judgment, and there …

… it’s the drama.

Your weight has not moved at all, not even 500 fucking grams .

”  Why? Why my damn weight did not move?  “

”  But I did everything I was told to do to the letter, I do not understand ..  “

It is at this moment that despair invades you and that you think about letting go of the affair.

” What good is it to deprive oneself if it is to stay the same?  “

Somehow, you are right.

If you have to suffer so much psychological stress for zero results, stop the fees right away .

By cons, I have a scoop for you:

  • You are not genetically doomed to be fat
  • Your metabolism is completely normal
  • Your hormone levels are probably normal
  • And it’s not the small square of chocolate during a moment of weakness that caused all this

The real reason you do not lose fat is very simple.

No need to go for the “mysteries” of fat loss or “weird tricks” to lose 10 kg in 1 week to find the solution.

You are probably telling you that I have been selling you a dream for a while without giving you the solution.

I let you judge after reading the following …

Are you losing fat but not weight?

If you really ask the question, know that it is entirely possible.

You can completely lose fat without your weight moving .

Why ?

Simply because you are holding water .

For every kilo of fat you lose, you make 1 kg of water retention (sometimes more).

In the end, your weight does not move or in some cases increases.

Fortunately, water retention is an easily solvable problem.

Just manage the sodium-potassium balance the right way to dry up .

If you want to know more, I invite you to take a tour here:

woman muscle weight loss

Another reason that you do not lose weight is bodybuilding .

If you are new to bodybuilding, you can take muscle and lose fat .

Of course, if you gain muscle, you gain weight .

Especially since if you submit your muscles to intense efforts, a small amount of glycogen and water will be added to the composition of your muscles .

And this addition is more weight on the scale.

When you start bodybuilding and a suitable diet for the first time in your life, your weight may not move during the first few weeks for the reasons mentioned above.

In such cases, you need to rely more on your body composition than on your weight .

Rely on your measurements, your body fat percentage and especially your visual appearance.

That said, we have put ourselves in the best case scenario, it may be that …

You do not lose weight because …

You eat too much, simply .

Despite what you believe, you are not in a caloric deficit .

Without kidding, it seems phony as a reason. 
But in 90% of the cases, people do not pay attention to small gestures that are fatal to them.

For example, forget to count the calories of dressing sauce, the small piece of bread that was hanging in the kitchen, the coffee with a piece of sugar, etc.

excess weight loss

You accumulate everything and it fills the calories necessary for the deficit.

Let’s take a concrete example  :

Suppose you want to lose 5 pounds of fat, which is 40,000 calories to burn.

You leave on a basis of 500 calories of daily deficit.

You need about 11 weeks to lose those 5 extra pounds.

Now, let’s go back to what we said, namely the trap of hidden calories .

We will assume that the deficit is reduced to 100 calories a day.

The new time to lose those 5 pounds goes from 11 weeks to 57 weeks, 5 times more time.

So we go from 2 months and a half to almost a year to lose 5 pounds of fat .

It is therefore normal that in 2 months, your weight does not move or very little.

You need to prolong the calorie deficit over time.

Let’s move on to the next case, which is that you pay close attention to hidden calories .

You may underestimate the calories you ingest.

It sounds innocuous, though, it’s not really good when you think about it.

As part of your job, you probably eat in the company canteen or in a restaurant.

Of course, even if you do not prepare meals, you pay attention to what you eat.

Still, you do not have the means to know how much weighs what you eat, unless you walk with a mini electronic scale.

So, you have to estimate the quantities to be able to calculate the calories ingested .

Be aware that often the estimates are not good .

You will tend to underestimate the quantity rather than overestimate it.

Cumulative over several weeks, your calorie deficit is no longer sufficient for you to lose according to your expectations.

Even if you estimate the quantities correctly, you may be wrong in calculating calories.

prepared dish calories

The dishes you eat outside are generally very good, which is equivalent to the addition of butter, salt, sauce, oil, etc …

As a result, the amount of macro-nutrients changes, so the calculation of calories changes as well .

You end up underestimating the calories you ingest.

Now, suppose you buy all your products and cook them yourself.

To do your calculations, you weigh your food then you rely on the label that details the macros and calories .

Be aware that the information you read on the labels may be wrong .

Industrialists are entitled to a margin of tolerance on the information they present.

Depending on the country’s legislation, this tolerance may vary.

For example, the margin of error can be up to 20% without being illegal.

If there is a 20% error on every food you eat …

… The final error in calculating calories is far from negligible .

It is also possible that you do not lose weight because …

  • You do cheat meal very often
  • Your cheat meals turn into cheat day
  • You drink alcohol during your cheat meal
  • Your basal metabolism is lower than you think
cheat meal bodybuilding

If you feel concerned by any of these reasons, I invite you to take a look at:


Do not lose weight can really be annoying and demoralizing.

So that you can cope more easily, I have prepared a short questionnaire for you to read and try to answer as honestly as possible.

Just proceed by elimination to find the cause of your problem.

  • Are you losing fat but not weight?
  • Do you eat too much?
  • Do you overestimate the energy you burn?
  • Is there a lot of relaxation during your cheat meals?
  • Is your diet and training adequate for the situation?

Ask yourself these questions and you will eventually find the cause of your problem.

You do not have to resort to the phony solutions of stuffing yourself with green salad or starving yourself.

And above all, do not hesitate to ask for an outside opinion on your answers to the questionnaire. 
You may not be totally objective.

Why I do not lose weight – the end word:

Despite the simplicity of the mechanisms of weight loss, the latter remains quite complex.

You can master as many elements as possible, but it is likely that you forget to factor in a factor.

Whether it’s your genetics, your metabolism, the thermal effect of food, etc … or whatever.

One thing is certain: if you want to lose weight effectively, you must master the calculation of calories ingested.

The more precise you are in your calculations, the more likely you are to lose weight quickly.


As you can imagine, if you try to lose weight without a plan of action, you may be struggling .

And having an action plan to slim down, it already starts with having a nutritional plan.

In other words, by knowing what to eat .

Some people have understood this, but it does not mean that they manage to get results.

Because having a nutritional plan is one thing, but having a nutritional plan that is tenable over time (and that allows us to have fun on a daily basis) is another.

And right now , today you will discover a whole series of tasty recipes, which you will be able to incorporate with ease to your slimming routine .

You will be able to lose weight while enjoying life, without having to take the head to ask you constantly what to eat, and without having the impression to follow a diet.

It happens in this article:


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