Nopalina Flax Seed Plus Fiber

Nopalina flax seed plus fiber

Nopalina flax seed plus fiber is essentially grounded flax seed powder ready for immediate consumption. It may be consumed with water, juices, smoothies, or, added to any food. Nopalina flax seed contains wheat bran, pineapple, oat bran, grapefruit, orange and apple. This makes it a tasty and healthy add. The brand claims the main purposes for adding this to diet is to promote weight loss, maintain regular bowel movements, reduce cholesterol and control diabetes. For those who find it more convenient to take it in capsule form so as to make sure they don’t miss it, Nopalina has Flax seed plus capsules in pack of 120 & 240 capsules.

Flax seeds have been a part of daily diet since ages for the varied health benefits it provides. People with increased blood sugar levels have found flax seeds to decrease insulin resistance. It prevents cardiovascular diseases and improves blood pressure. It is not only to treat any medical problem, but also maintains good health. Regular consumption of flax seeds in small amounts promotes regular bowel movements, ensuring a clean body. This also reduces weight as unwanted substances are regularly removed from the body. Unnecessary fat in the stomach and waist area also reduce. Napolina alone cannot promote weight loss. But when it is taken with proper, timely diet and corresponding exercises are done, it gradually helps in reducing weight.


  • Lowers blood pressure.
  • Reduces cholesterol.
  • Promotes weight loss.
  • Induces regular bowel movements.


  • High fibre content may cause bloating and cramping.
  • Not recommended for pregnant and breast-feeding women.

Side effects

  • Diabetic patients might experience their blood sugar level dropping too low when they consume flax seeds along with their medication.
  • May slow blood clotting. Not recommended for people with bleeding disorders.
  • Introduces / increases gastric problems.

Nopalina flax seed plus is a dietary supplement, and FDA does not approve dietary supplements. So there is no concern on it not being an approved product. Also, there have been no reports on harmful effects by using this product. It is cleaned and grounded, hence, good for use. While the supplement works wonders for some, it might cause adverse effects to others depending on their medical history and current body condition. So it is best to consult with a doctor or pharmacist before including it in daily diet. Especially people who have diabetes, bleeding disorders, hormone-sensitive conditions, gastro-intestinal obstruction, low and high blood pressure need medical consultation prior to consumption.

The quantity consumed daily is also very important. To start with, very small amounts, probably a tablespoon is the right measure. Once the body gets used to it, quantity can be gradually increased to the instructions mentioned on the pack unless there is a specific medical dosage. Incorrect dosage might cause diarrhea, nausea, skin allergy. Consumption of drinking water needs to be increased while taking flax seeds powder or capsules.

In conclusion, the product is highly recommended, but requires medical consultation.

Where to buy?

Nopalina’s official website sells it at $11 per 16 oz pack. Bottle of 120 & 240 capsules are priced at $12 & $22 respectively. The website also has a store locator using which you can find the closest store and check-in to buy at $11. The customer service number as mentioned on the website is 1-877-296-6845. sometimes has sellers offering at a lesser price.

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