Luminess air Reviews

Luminess Air makeup review

Luminess air premium system is a make-up kit designed in a way to spray the make-up in a flawless manner. This kind of kit has been used in the modeling industry for a long time, but now is made available to the general public at a lower price by Luminess. The purpose of the kit is to spray make-up on face and neck smoothly and flawlessly. This is much lighter than the usual kind of application kits, so it doesn’t look heavy on face. Also, it takes lesser time to attain the perfect look with least effort.

What’s included in the product?

  • Luminess Air System – Air compressor, air stylus, A/C power supply
  • How-to DVD for complete demonstration and instructions
  • Foundation (fair)
  • Airbrush blush (fair)
  • Airbrush bronzer
  • Airbrush Pearlizer
  • Airbrush face primer and moisturizer

How does it work?

The kit works by way of spray, so all the products need to be sprayed on to the skin. So your make-up process remains the same, only the method of application is changed to spraying the contents. Initially, it might take a bit of practice to learn to spray in the right pattern and quantities for your face. But once you learn the ropes, the results are shown as light, glowing and long-lasting make-up done in a short span of time. You could start by practicing spraying water on paper to learn the right spray pattern and the level of spray. That done, you could try the same way on your face and neck.

Shaking each bottle thoroughly for at least one minute before using it each time is very important. Without this, contents of each bottle will not spray evenly through the airbrush. Cleaning the airbrush after every three uses is just as important to keep the system functioning properly. It needs to be taken apart completely and cleaned. Make-up bowl can be flushed with running water and a mixture of water & alcohol needs to be run through it.


  • Makeup stays fresh for more than 12 hours.
  • Layer of makeup is very thin, still does not crack.
  • Even coating.
  • Covers spots and blemishes easily.
  • Makeup quality is above average.


  • Billing process is confusing unless the fine print is thoroughly read before purchase.

Pricing and where to buy

It is best to buy on the Luminess Air website. Airbrush kit is priced at $19.95 for a period of 30 days, post which the buyer is charged 5 monthly payments of $59.59. this totals up to $317.90. The website offers a 30-day money back guarantee for purchases made within US & Canada, but initial $19.95 is not refunded. It is advised to read the Terms & conditions page of the website carefully before you decide to buy the product, because the company is not appreciated for customer support. So, better make wise decision than suffer later.


To conclude, Luminess Air Premium System is a best buy if you are comfortable applying makeup by way of spray or want to give it a chance. Because the quality and results are definitely worth the money.