Ambi Fade Cream Reviews

Ambi fade cream reviews

Ambi Skincare is a well-known cosmetic brand that manufactures and sells Ambi Skincare fade cream. The cream is an award winning product for lightening and brightening skin. Ambi fade cream treats dark spots, sun spots, freckles and any skin marks caused due to skin darkening. It has two variants, one for normal skin and another for oily skin. Cream for normal skin is discussed in this review.

Cream comes in the form of a tube. Most minimal quantity is used on each spot that needs to be treated. It is to be applied twice a day, followed by a sunscreen, for best results.

Main ingredients:

Hydroquinone, Alpha hydroxyl acid, Vitamin E.

Hydroquinone whitens skin tone and lightens dark spots but is said to release cancer causing agents into the skin. Vitamin E softens skin, reduces lines and protects from harmful sun rays. Alpha hydroxyl acid, which is essentially fruit acid, promotes regeneration of skin cells which improves the texture and color of the skin.

Side effects

May cause irritation, swelling, burning, peeling of the skin, skin darkening and thickening. Patch test is highly recommended before purchase of the product.


  • Inexpensive product.
  • Reduces lines, dark spots, sun spots, freckles and any skin marks caused due to skin darkening.
  • Skin absorbs it fast.


  • Continuous application may cause irritation.
  • Takes more than 12 weeks to see results.

Where to buy?

Ambi skincare fade cream is widely available due to it’s popularity and usage. It’s available in beauty supply stores, online and retail stores. Price hovers in the range of $6 to $8 for a 2 oz tube, depending on where you buy. Online stores generally have offers, and you get it at for as less as $4 a 2 oz tube, making it one of the most inexpensive beauty creams. frequently has sellers offering lower prices than other comparative sites. So if you have decided to buy the product, this is the place. Amazon’s refund policy is also fully operational per the terms mentioned on their website. There’s full refund on purchased product being returned unopened within 30 days. So if you have purchased the product and later change your mind, you can still get back all your money. Their customer service is prompt and helpful. Any queries and complaints can be detailed and sent along with the purchase details for a complete follow-up. For customer ease, they have put up quick links on the customer service page of their website.

Overall, the product has gained popularity over time but it is not highly recommended to use it due to the alarming side effects.

Alternative products:

Juvabrite Revitol Rosacea Cream. They serve the same purpose, and very well. But they are a little more expensive options. However, money should not be a matter of concern when it comes to health and skin care.