8 Tips For Stress Management

8 Tips For Stress Management

How to handle stress?

Stress is a part of our daily lives. A small traffic jam to lay-off, every single thing that goes against our comfort causes stress. Coping with stress by wrong means adds on to existing problems. So it is important to know the right means to handle stress. Healthy ways to handle stress contributes to greater physical, mental and emotional health.

Stress management #1: Small physical activity in time.

Any kind of physical activity takes your mind off the existing problem and helps in keeping you calm. Simple physical activities are

  • Taking a pet for walk
  • Walking or cycling
  • Tap your feet to your favorite music
  • Play some outdoor games
  • Play activity based games with others

Stress management #2: Fix a daily exercise regimen.

Exercise daily to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Walking, jogging, running, simple work-out at home to intense gym work-outs, you can pick whatever suits you. Exercises release endorphins to boost your mood and make you feel good. You get to take your mind off from daily worries. 30-minutes a day exercise is more than sufficient. The trick is to continue it religiously.

Stress management #3: Regular social engagement.

Talk regularly to people who are in and outside your circle. General talk with people outside your circle gives you a break and enhances knowledge. Personal talks with friends and family give you a much needed outlet. While it is good to be able to solve many problems yourself, it is sometimes good to talk to others to find solutions. People who care for you will always be ready to listen to you and help you out with any situation that stresses you.

Stress management #4: Try not to figure everything all the time.

It is natural to want to know everything that we are related to. But sometimes it is best not to know certain things. Reasons being, they are not necessary, they do not affect you, they will not bother you or help you anywhere in future. It’s ok just to let it be.

Stress management #5: Know that you have control only over yourself.

If you try to control other people and situations all the time, you invite unnecessary trouble. It is possible to explain things to people who might be open to receive it, but it is not possible to force them to do what you want.

Ways to control yourself:
  • React calmly to what stresses you out.
  • Avoid people who are constantly looking to stress you out.
  • Take control of your environment by diverting your route. For instance, if traffic constantly stresses you out, take a less-travelled route even if it is longer.
  • Say ‘no’ to things that are beyond your interest, that affect you or don’t please you. Basically set your limits and stick to them.

Stress management #6: Alter stressful situations.

Since it is not possible to avoid all stressful situations, learn to alter it. This can be done by

  • Expressing your feelings – express what you feel rather than bottling it all up. Express openly and respectfully.
  • Be willing to compromise – when both the parties bend a little, they find a happy common ground. Forcing the other person to bend down all the time is slavery and doesn’t work out.
  • Focus on time management – prioritize and manage your time well to complete tasks. Most of the time daily stress is due to the work not being done on time. And when important tasks are left behind to be completed at the end, they are generally not done properly. This continues stress and frustration.

Stress management #7: Adapt to your stressor

Change your expectations and attitude towards your stressor (person or stressful situation).

  • Substitute negative thinking with positive each time a thought pops up.
  • Reframe problems by finding creative means to fill it up. For instance, listen to your favorite music if you are stuck in traffic jam (when you are not able to avoid traffic jam), instead of fuming up.
  • Look at the bigger picture and see if this thing will matter in a year’s time. If not give it up. Focus on better things.
  • Avoid perfectionism all the time. It’s completely alright to fail or be at the end of the list.

Stress management #8: Make time regularly for relaxation.

Relaxation on a daily basis is as important as sleep. Do activities that interest you. Pursue hobbies. Work, responsibilities are never-ending. Alter your routine to fit in relaxation activities.

It’s in the day-to-day activities, thought process and behavior that we handle stress. Tackle stress; don’t let it spoil your day, every day.