Losing fat: the method that works


How to lose fat?

How to get rid of accumulated fat in our body?

How to lose only fat mass?

When you start a diet , you usually start with a goal.

And that goal is often a number.

5 kilos, 10 kilos, 15 kilos, etc …

We only talk about weight, and only weight.

We do not often talk about losing fat .

Or to preserve one’s muscular capital.

Yet, we should 🙂

When you go on a diet, you do not just lose fat

It would be too good …

But unfortunately, when you lose weight, you lose fat AND muscle .

And, as much as we like to lose fat, lose as much muscle … It’s less interesting.

Why this ?

Because the muscles, it’s what helps to shape the silhouette, that’s what makes it athletic and more attractive .

To a certain extent obviously: it will also depend on everyone’s tastes.

But hey, if you do not have more muscle, you end up with a “skinny-fat” body, flaccid, which is not terrible.

And that is not especially what you want to have after a diet, after having made efforts.

What we want is to have a different silhouette, well proportioned .

How it works ?

When you want to lose weight, the basis is to keep a calorie deficit .

That is, consuming fewer calories than your body burns each day to work .

Which will push him to tap into his reserves.

lose fat belly fat

And so to burn fat .

But not only: your body will also cannibalize your muscles .

That’s why we lose fat and muscle.

Okay, now the goal is going to be to maximize that fat loss and minimize that muscle loss .

Because it’s not just the silhouette that’s a problem.

Your muscle mass acts on your metabolism .

The more muscles you have, the faster your metabolism will be.

And conversely, the less muscle you have, the slower your metabolism slows down.

Concretely, what does that mean?

It means that if you lose a lot of muscle mass during your diet, at the end of it, you will have a slower metabolism .

Which means that if you go back to eating as before, you will gain weight even faster than before .

Does that not remind you of something ?

The famous yo-yo effect .

Which complain all people following bad advice: /

I’ll give you a little example so that you understand the problem.

Imagine that Marion consumes 2000 calories a day. Its daily energy expenditure is 1900 calories, it is in calorie surplus of 100 calories. So: she is gaining weight, slowly.

After a while, Marion is tired of his figure and decides to go on a diet. Excellent idea. Except that she does it badly.

lose fat

Marion wants to lose 5 kilos. Except that she does not know the right method, and uses the classic jogging / green salad (you’ll see below why it’s not good).

Marion loses her 5 kilos. But hey, she lost 2 pounds of fat and 3 pounds of muscle. Her figure is a little refined, but she is not as athletic as she would have liked.

Once she has lost 5 pounds, Marion resumes her pre-diet habits and starts eating her 2000 calories a day.

Except that there is a big difference: she lost 3 pounds of muscle, so her metabolism slowed down. And so, his daily energy expenditure is no longer 1900 calories but 1800 calories. It is therefore in calorie surplus of 200 calories instead of 100.

She will gain weight twice as fast as before!

And the 5 kilos she lost while doing her diet, will be resumed in a few months.

And the worst part of all this is that the 5 kilos she will take again: it will be mainly fat.

And if afterwards she does the same regimen as before, she will still lose muscle.

Then take up some fat … etc …

You see what I mean ?

When we do not have the right methods, we do not get the good results, we do not get what we wanted to have when we started.

And so, we make efforts to have an average result, disappointing.

And suddenly, in the long run, it leads to discouragement, and a desire to give up.

But then, how to lose weight by losing mainly fat ?

The key is to make our body understand that it needs its muscles

Quite simply.

Our body works in a very intelligent way.

So intelligent, that even today, we have not pierced all the secrets of its operation.

But rest assured, regarding diets, we know the solutions that work.

What it takes to make your body understand that you have to keep your muscles is to solicit them .

And to solicit them, it is necessary to use them.

And so, do strength exercises, muscle building exercises.

lose fat mass thigh

So, there I feel that some readers will be scared: bodybuilding? But I do not want to look like a man / bodybuilder.

And I understand this reaction, we hear and read so much bullshit about the subject that some people are afraid of bodybuilding.

So: do not worry, to take so many muscles, you would need years of intensive practice.

We, all we want is to lose fat.

And so, by doing bodybuilding, we send to our body the following message: I need my muscles .

And suddenly, when your body needs energy, it will draw more in your fat reserves .

Bingo 🙂

At the level of exercises to practice, you have the choice.

Already, you must choose the areas where you want to keep your muscles, while firming them.

For women, it will mostly be the thighs and glutes.

For men … everywhere 🙂

From there, you can choose the exercises that you prefer to do every week 2-3 sport sessions:

  • squats
  • slots
  • crunches
  • Pumps
  • pushups
  • armouring
  • Etc …

You can find lots of exercises.

In parallel, you can of course also do cardio: jogging, rowing, cycling, etc …

All is to feel that one works his muscles.

We must also pay attention to food

Because, if your body understands that you have to preserve your muscles, but you do not provide it with the means to do it by eating what it takes: it will not work .

And what is needed are proteins .

Protein is a macronutrient, just like lipids or carbohydrates.

And, to schematize, proteins are the bricks of the muscles .

lose body fat bodybuilding

And that’s why you have to consume enough.

Because otherwise, even muscle building will not be enough to preserve your muscle mass.

Ideally, you need to consume 2g of protein per kilogram of weight of your body , 1g minimum .

That means 100g of protein per day for someone 50 kilos, 150g for someone 75 kilos, etc.

If you combine the two aspects that I just described, namely muscle building + high protein diet, you have all the cards in hand to finally lose fat .

If you follow these tips, you will see that as a result of your diet: you will have lost mainly fat.

And you will have a much finer and athletic silhouette.

And especially more firm and attractive.

And on top of that: you’ll be in better shape, you’ll have more energy.

So rather than the classic “green salad + cardio” put into practice what I presented to you and you will see that the results will be even better than what you expected.


I have prepared a second article, in which you will discover 82 ingenious recipes to lose weight while having fun .

As you can imagine, if you try to lose weight without a plan of action, you may be struggling .

And having an action plan to slim down, it already starts with having a nutritional plan.

In other words, by knowing what to eat .

Some people have understood this, but it does not mean that they manage to get results.

Because having a nutritional plan is one thing, but having a nutritional plan that is tenable over time (and that allows us to have fun on a daily basis) is another.

And right now , today you will discover a whole series of tasty recipes, which you will be able to incorporate with ease to your slimming routine .

You will be able to lose weight while enjoying life, without having to take the head to ask you constantly what to eat, and without having the impression to follow a diet.

It happens in this article:


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