Losing a few pounds without doing anything, is it feasible?


Losing a few pounds easily without doing anything, is it possible?

Losing weight without changing anything, is it feasible?

Have you ever wondered if you could lose a few extra pounds without really changing your lifestyle?

You are not the only person to ask you that question.

And that’s normal.

Because like everyone else, you have your little habits. 
Habits not always compatible with a beautiful line.

And like everyone else, you have habits that you do not necessarily want to let go. 
Small habits of your own.

It can range from gluttony to laziness (although it is not really a habit, but it generates a homely attitude that makes you do not move much).

In short, you would like to lose a few pounds quickly, but you have heard here and there that some of your habits prevent you from losing weight …

So you have the impression of facing a dilemma. 
You have the impression of being back to the wall.

It’s like giving yourself an ultimatum: 
Choose between your little pleasures and a slimmer, more attractive body.

lose a few pounds quickly

It reminds me of the time when I was eating Nutella.

At that time, I still had some extra pounds.

My friends told me that it was because of the Nutella that I invaded every day.

I knew that if I stopped eating, I could lose weight more easily.

But what do you want, I thought it was so good.

Even if it makes you fat.

In short, I knew that if I stopped eating this delicious chocolate spread, everything would be easier.

Well maybe not everything but …

You see what I mean.

The thing is, I loved that little pleasure too much to let it go like this overnight.

And very quickly, I realized one thing.

In the end maybe I did not really want to lose weight …

Maybe I was too weak for that …

Maybe I did not have enough willpower, since a simple pot of Nutella made me give up a more attractive body …

On the spot, I had been cowardly.

I had given up a better life for a simple pot of Nutella. 
A real behavior of looser.

Looking back, I tell myself that I was very weak .

At the time, I did not know the power of habits.

I did not know how bad habits can ruin our lives.

I did not know that such habits can be replaced by positive habits.

Because the truth is that when you have extra pounds, it is because there is something in our way of life that prevents us from getting thinner.

And that invariably if we do nothing, nothing will change.

When you have extra pounds, lose a few pounds without doing anything, it’s impossible . 
Unless you get a disease that makes us lose weight or something not very recommended.

By cons, losing a few pounds without doing much, it is possible.

By simply changing a few small habits of our everyday life.

lose a few pounds in 1 week

By simply making small adjustments in our everyday life.

And not necessary changes that require a lot of effort.

And you know what ?

Some changes are difficult because they are changes.

A habit is never easy to lose.

Because we are in a comfortable situation. 
A situation that we do not really want to move.

A bit like an official who is going to be too lazy to deal with your file and who will send you back to one of his colleagues who works in the neighboring department …

After which this colleague will send you to another colleague …

Etc …

A classic.

Stay hooked, because I’m about to reveal a trick that can change everything for you …

A tip that can help you easily adopt new habits.

A tip that can allow you to change easily. 
For the best.

This tip allows you to take action without having to provide titanic efforts to move:

how to lose a few pounds

This trick is a psychological hack that I use daily to get into action easily.

And as you can imagine, this hack can help you easily develop new habits.

Especially at the beginning.

When the passage to action has not yet become automatic.

This psychological hack consists of concentrating your efforts solely on starting the action.

And not on the whole task .

You have trouble grasping the thing? 
Do not panic, I illustrate this with concrete examples:

You have to go running?

Before going for a run, you are not going to concentrate on the whole task (which is to do a jogging session).

You are not going to say to yourself, ”  I have to go running  .”

Instead, you will focus exclusively on the first step of the task, which is to don your sportswear and shoes.

You will say: ”  Go, I put on my sports pants and my running shoes  .”

Do you have to read a boring book for classes?

Instead of saying ”  I have to read this 300-page book  “, you will say: ”  I take this book and I open it to the page where I stopped last time  “.

lose some kg

Do you have trouble motivating yourself to go to the gym?

Just think about taking your sports stuff and going out.

At that point, you have done most of the work already.

The hard part is always to get motivated to go.

Once you’re in action, it’s not difficult.

Instead of wanting to swallow an entire potato the first time, eat it in small pieces.

Concentrate only on starting the task, not on the entire task.


I have prepared a second article, in which you will discover 82 ingenious recipes to lose weight while having fun .

As you can imagine, if you try to lose weight without a plan of action, you may be struggling .

And having an action plan to slim down, it already starts with having a nutritional plan.

In other words, by knowing what to eat .

Some people have understood this, but it does not mean that they manage to get results.

Because having a nutritional plan is one thing, but having a nutritional plan that is tenable over time (and that allows us to have fun on a daily basis) is another.

And right now , today you will discover a whole series of tasty recipes, which you will be able to incorporate with ease to your slimming routine .

You will be able to lose weight while enjoying life, without having to take the head to ask you constantly what to eat, and without having the impression to follow a diet.

It happens in this article:


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