Eating smart to lose weight permanently: good habits to take


Is it possible to lose weight without depriving oneself?

How to eat smart to lose weight permanently?

Here are the questions we will answer today!

First of all, losing weight means burning more calories than you eat.

I think everyone has understood the concept since time 😉

However, it is not always easy to stick to this kind of diet.

Because it is common to admit that eating fewer calories means eating less in quantity .


It is rather simple not to deprive oneself, to avoid frustrations and the grumbling stomach while losing weight:

In fact, what really will come into play is the nature of the ingredients ingested .

I explain myself by giving you a concrete example:

For 100g of pizza “Queen” (ham, mushroom, emmental), it takes about 270 calories. 

For 100g of broccoli, it takes about 25 calories.

You see what I mean ?

For an equivalent weight, there is a huge difference  between the two foods.

And if we make an analogy between the two, it gives that:

1kg of broccoli = 100g of pizza (approximately)

Well, no need to have a Bac + 5 to understand that you will have to eat smart if you do not want to be hungry!

effectively slim down tea

That said, do not misunderstand my intentions.
It is not a question of turning into a little rabbit addicted to the carrot-salad mixture.

We must also think about balancing itsnutritional intake of protein, fat and carbohydrates .

Always with this in mind to eat smart, I will share with you a small piece of information that seems useless but very important:

You will also have to be very careful about the sauces and drinks that accompany your meals!

For example, a supermarket Caesar sauce (extremely convenient I grant you) will stoop from 444 callals to 100g (example taken on a supermarket brand sauce, calories vary by brands and compositions, this one is average).

While it’s so simple to make delicious light homemade sauces  :

  • White cheese 0% fat, persillade and lemon juice
  • Balsamic vinegar, Dijon mustard and olive oil (pay attention to the saturated fatty acid content of mustard, and do not overdo it!)
  • Tahin, natural soy yogurt and spices

You can find an incredible number of recipes made from  healthy and delicious ingredients  and above all that do not impact your line too negatively!

You will always find healthy alternatives to your usual recipes!

Let’s go back to the subject of drinks, the nightmare of the diet:

The summer is fast approaching, it’s great is not it? 
What’s more refreshing than a graaaaand glass of fresh water?

Ok, I see you’re not too sure 😛.

That’s right, a little coke sipped on the terrace of a bar in the sun is pretty cool.

A good Margarita on the beach, on a deck chair or just a big fruit juice at the lunch break is a nice little ritual.

But beware !!!!! (Yes that’s a lot of exclamation points but you’ll quickly understand why)

coca cola can of 33 cl

The numbers speak for themselves:

417 cal for 1 L of coca, that is 139 cal the small can of 33 cL

(I remind you that you will have to pedal at least 20 min to correct this little pleasure)

And level contributions? Sugar, sugar … and more SUGAR .

I do not do drawing: once in a while it’s good to recharge his batteries , every day it’s liquid poison for your line.

And stop the small malignant who will talk to me about Coca Zero: stuffed with aspartame , it’s not much better.

Alcohol , although not directly fattening, is very often associated with fruit juices , especially in cocktails.

”  Fruit juices are natural and there are vitamins in them, no? 5 fruits and vegetables as they say  “

Yes it’s true, but not when you want to lose weight permanently .

Fruits contain fructose , and do you know what fructose is?

More sugar! And I remind you that sugar, if not used, is stored as fat .

to lose weight sustainably fruits

Note that in most juice you buy in supermarkets (or even in organic stores, do not get me wrong), a large amount of sugar is added .

The problem with drinks is precisely the fact that they are liquid, we do not realize the amount we drank (at least not before having done excess)

”  But then, you can not eat fruit or drink fruit juice at all during a diet?  “

Not really, you can but not at any time of the day .

You can safely eat fruit or juice during your first meal of the day  following the fasting induced by your sleep. 
Your glycogen stores in the liver are flat, so fructose will not be stored as fat.

You can also afford a smoothie after physical exertion for post-workout carbohydrate intake to reload your muscle glycogen.

But if you do not pay attention, it can hide your weight loss without you realizing it.

Now let’s take a last small thing together, a question I asked myself when I started weight loss.

“What should you do if you do not want to give up the taste of good things, small dishes, small pizzas, etc …? “

In fact, before asking me the question, I realized that it would not be easy to change my habitsat all.

That’s why I tried to get around the rules a little by putting myself in the stove ðŸ˜‰

I give you an example of a dish I love: the quiche.

I know, in normal times, I could never eat anything but what it represents in calories. 
But I thought I was going to create my own alternative  to quiche.

effectively slim down healthy quiche

For example to make a light quiche: no Emmental or fresh cream.

Add 2 eggs (1 whole + 1 white), a little bit of 0% fat cottage cheese or cottage cheese and you’re done!

Here you are in the presence of a light and healthy quiche .

Depending on your needs, you can find many tips and tricks to minimize calories, bad fats and especially your enemy number 1: sugar!

Well, you have grasped the essence of the information I wanted to convey to you. 
What you need to remember is: READ THE LABELS OF WHAT YOU ARE BUYING .

It is not because he has noted ”  thinness  ” or ”  diet  ” or that kind of keywords on the box that it is necessarily good for you.

Look at the number of calories of the food if it is indicated.

Think about the amount you are going to eat, look at the associated nutritional intakes and compare with the competition in trying to reduce sugars and saturated fats.

Finally to finish, here is a mini list of vegetables which for 100g bring you less than 50 cal, something to improve your satiety  :

  • Artichokes: 36 cal
  • Cooked asparagus: 19 cal
  • The eggplant with water: 35 cal (I insist: with the water or the steam, the mode of cooking can change the deal: you can well imagine that if we fry them, it will not be top on the calorie plan)
  • The salad: 25 cal
  • Cooked red beet: 23 cal
  • Endives: 11 cal
  • The cucumber: 9 cal
  • Tomatoes: 20 cal
  • Swiss chard: 22 cal
  • Cauliflower: 29 cal
  • The carrots: 30 cal
  • Celery: 15 cal

Inquire and you will see that it is possible to eat healthy and varied while keeping the line, even  by thinning  !


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