Diet Pill: Does it really work?


Are you looking for an effective diet pill that allow you to lose weight fast ?

Have you heard about slimming pills and the “extraordinary” results it achieves?

Since some US stars have confessed to using diet pills to slim down, diet pills are in vogue and have gained notoriety .

All the web and the netizens ignited:

“The magic formula of weight loss has been revealed! “

Obviously, the natural reaction is to look for effective diet pills without side effects .

If this is your case, the following should interest you …

Now, the question is: 
“Does it really work? “

I want to congratulate you if you took the time to ask this question.

Movie stars can promote slimming pills, that does not necessarily mean that it works:

“After all, they can do well or take something else next”
which would totally distort the judgment we can have on slimming capsules .

You are facing an insolvent problem.

Shared between the idea of ​​testing them and the idea of ​​dropping “these bullshit”, you will probably say to me: 
“We only have to test and we’ll see”

I completely agree with you when you do not take anything dangerous, and you have the means . 
Because we say it, some boxes of diet pills are not given .

Thank you for your curiosity and interest in the subject (and me at the same time;)).

Because I’m going to demystify this controversial subject of  diet pills … by presenting them from all angles.


Reminder :

The rule of weight loss is rather simple: Eat less + move more .

No doubt, this is a concept that has proven itself in the past.

You can change your silhouette drastically by following this simple rule.

drugs that make you lose weight

Be aware that even when consuming supplements to burn fat, if you do not abide by the above rule, you may be disappointed with the results.

I’m not saying that these supplements do not work:

I just say that if you consume 500 kcal of pastries and pastries a day, well even by consuming diet pills, the results will not be there .

But what you need to know is that not all pills are the same.

By knowing the ingredients used in each one, you will be able to maximize your weight loss and limit your differences.

So open your chakras well 😉

Stimulants, or the art of increasing one’s metabolism to lose weight:

Stimulants are the most common supplement among diet pills.

They help you burn your fat stores instead of your carbohydrates. 
But that’s not all…

They give you the boost needed for training.

Common ingredients : caffeine, green tea extract, guarana

Possible side effects : dizziness, tachycardia, insomnia, nausea

Suggested daily dosage : 200-400 mg of caffeine, 400-600 mg of green tea extract, 50-75mg of guarana

Appetite suppressors:

Very useful when you have difficulties to resist this hunger that tears your bowels (well I exaggerate a little;)).

Common Ingredients : h oodia gordonii, yerba mate, chromium picolinate

Possible side effects : gas, bloating, diarrhea, tachycardia, convulsions, irritability, headaches (of course, these side effects are to be considered in the same rank as the side effects on any medication leaflet)

Suggested daily dosage: The dosages vary according to each, I advise you to divide by 4 the suggested dosage on the label, then increase gradually to test your tolerance.


Aside from improving and “unblocking” intestinal transit, laxatives also have a fat burning dimension .

Laxatives bind to fatty acids and cholesterol from your diet. 
Then they train everything with the saddle before their assimilation.

For obvious reasons, I advise you to take cures maximum of 7 days.

Common Ingredients : psyllium, cascara, senna

Possible side effects : Round trip to WC all day, dehydration

Suggested daily dosage : 1-2 g senna, 5 g psyllium twice daily, 250 mg cascara

There are other ingredients used in some pills, but their effectiveness has never been proven.

However I must warn you:

If you buy diet pills, have the reflex to look at the ingredients and find out if you “sense” something suspicious .

the best healthy diet pills are not enough

Do not buy a product containing ephedrine, ephedra or synephrine.

These are illegal products and considered doping.

Do not be tempted by the ease, your health could suffer.

Remember that there is no shortcut for a quality result.

You can take any supplements you want, if you are not careful what you eat you are just throwing money out the window.

The diet pills will complement your efforts. 
But remember, they can never replace them!


As you can imagine, if you try to lose weight without a plan of action, you may be struggling .

And having an action plan to slim down, it already starts with having a nutritional plan.

In other words, by knowing what to eat .

Some people have understood this, but it does not mean that they manage to get results.

Because having a nutritional plan is one thing, but having a nutritional plan that is tenable over time (and that allows us to have fun on a daily basis) is another.

And right now , today you will discover a whole series of tasty recipes, which you will be able to incorporate with ease to your slimming routine .

You will be able to lose weight while enjoying life, without having to take the head to ask you constantly what to eat, and without having the impression to follow a diet.

It happens in this article:


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